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The Scorch Trials Chapter 26

By James Dashner

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Chapter 26

  • Jorge seems like an all right guy. He's definitely crazy, but he seems to want to help a little bit.
  • Minho talks down to Jorge because he's a Crank, and Jorge goes berserk. He starts counting to 10 for an apology.
  • Thomas forces Minho to apologize.
  • But Jorge doesn't like Minho's apology, so he gives him a good old kick in the leg—and then another kick in the same place.
  • Minho says he's sorry again, but then he attacks Jorge.
  • Oh, boy—bad move.
  • Just as Minho's attacking Jorge, tons of Cranks appear from the roof and jump down into the building. Thomas wrestles Minho off of Jorge, and they realize they're surrounded.
  • Oh, and everyone has a weapon. Knives, broken glass, rusted machetes—you name it.
  • The kids seem definitely done for, but Thomas convinces Jorge to let them talk for 10 minutes.
  • Time for a nice meeting.

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