Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 27

By James Dashner

Chapter 27

  • Thomas and Jorge enter a really dark room, and Jorge tries to maintain the whole tough-guy persona.
  • The plan: Thomas will tell Jorge everything. That way, maybe Jorge will understand.
  • As Thomas tells his story, Jorge doesn't really seem either confused or understanding; he just stares blankly.
  • At the end, Thomas gives his ultimatum: Jorge needs to help the kids get to the safe haven. If he helps, then maybe he'll be cured from the Flare, just as they will be.
  • Then it's Jorge's turn to talk. Apparently the Flare works in stages. He has just caught it recently, along with some of the other Cranks.
  • Oh, and the Cranks don't even have any of the numbing agent—which apparently exists—called the Bliss.
  • WICKED also sent Jorge and the others to the city, so at least they have that in common.
  • Eventually, Jorge agrees to Thomas's deal, as it's logical for him to agree. Plus, he sort of likes Thomas for being honest and brave.
  • But Jorge's such a stick in the mud: he tells Thomas he'll agree only if he can kill Minho.