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The Scorch Trials Chapter 28

By James Dashner

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Chapter 28

  • Uh, "No," says Thomas, regarding Jorge's request to kill Minho (28.1).
  • Jorge's pretty adamant about killing Minho, but Thomas talks him out of it. After all, Minho's the best fighter out of all of them, so they might need him.
  • Jorge also seems like a pretty smart guy. He guesses that Group B might be Group A's competitors, so the more kids who make it to the safe haven, the better shot he'll have of getting the cure.
  • But instead of making an alliance between the boys and his little army, Jorge decides that he'll accompany the kids with one girl named Brenda—because Brenda's a genius.
  • Apparently, stealth will work better than strength. Plus, the other Cranks are all starting to go crazy, anyway.
  • Oh, and the fewer Cranks there are, the better chance Jorge will have of getting the cure. This guy is only really thinking of himself, but he's pretty smart.
  • Thomas and Jorge finally go back to their respective groups, and Jorge tells everyone that he and "bird-face" have struck a deal.
  • Jorge is totally the Minho of the Cranks. They're what we call "FOILS."
  • Anyway, Jorge tells everyone that they need to feed the boys, but there's one other thing: they're going to chop off a finger off of each of Minho's hands.
  • Ah, each chapter always ends on such a cliffhanger.

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