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The Scorch Trials Chapter 29

By James Dashner

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Chapter 29

  • Minho isn't too happy about the news, but a really pretty Crank girl stops him from charging Jorge.
  • Thomas secretly hopes that the pretty girl is Brenda. Oh, Thomas, you wanton rascal.
  • The Cranks all start to disperse, and Jorge leads the boys to go get food. The pretty girls comes along. So, yes—she's Brenda.
  • Brenda asks Thomas if he's the leader. He tells her that Minho's the leader, but she responds that she'd have guessed Thomas was the leader.
  • Then Brenda kisses Thomas on the cheek and tells him that he's sweet and she likes him.
  • Whoa, this all just happened so fast. Something ain't right.
  • All the Gladers are staring at Thomas at this point, but he just puts his head up and follows with a slight smirk. Hehehe.
  • The group finally reaches a room with boxes and cans of food. Everyone eats up—it's sausages and beans.
  • Thomas and Brenda bond for a bit—it turns out she grew up in Northern Canada—but then an explosion on the roof rattles everyone.
  • Ugh, so many explosions. Why can't these kids just have some peace and quiet?
  • The roof crashes down and separates Thomas and Brenda from the rest of the group, so Thomas is forced to follow her.
  • Great, Thomas is now stuck with the psycho-girl.

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