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The Scorch Trials Chapter 3

By James Dashner

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Chapter 3

  • All of the boys are awake, and Minho informs Thomas that these Crank people are everywhere. Great.
  • Then Thomas telepathically yells out to Teresa, who doesn't answer. Double great.
  • Oh, and the door's locked. Grrrrrrrrrreat.
  • After some deliberating on what to do, a short boy hands Newt a fire extinguisher that was conveniently placed on the wall, and Newt uses it to break the lock.
  • The door swings open, and just as the boys are about to escape, Frypan makes a good point: hello, maybe WICKED wanted the kids to escape. Maybe they should just stay put.
  • Ehhhh, but that's no fun. The boys all rush out into the dark corridor, because that's what kids do.
  • Up ahead of Thomas, Minho yells that there are things hanging from the ceiling, so they should watch out.
  • Just as Thomas bumps into something, Newt finds the light switch. And boy, do the kids wish they hadn't found the light switch.
  • Hanging from the ceiling are a bunch of dead bodies. They were the people who rescued the Gladers just the day before.
  • Looks like Thomas will have to store that image away in his memory box.

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