Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 31

By James Dashner

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Chapter 31

  • So, the underground is, well, creepy. And dark. And lonely. As you probably imagined.
  • Brenda and Thomas walk a long way, taking lefts and rights that seemingly lead to nowhere. Then they come to an opening. Behind them, a light goes out. Hmm.
  • Then another light goes out. Double hmm.
  • Before Thomas can say I hate my life again, he and Brenda see a man in a dark, worn-out suit.
  • Business meeting? Nah, it's a Crank.
  • Hold on to your seats, 'cause you're gonna love what comes next.
  • "Rose took my nose, I suppose," the man says (31.46).
  • End of chapter.

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