Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 32

By James Dashner

Chapter 32

  • Still creeped out by the last chapter? Or maybe you're still laughing? We know: this nose dude just defied all expectations.
  • Oh, he has no nose. By the way.
  • Then the nose dude adds even more to his speech: "And it really blows" (32.3).
  • Best. Character. Ever.
  • Pretty soon, Mr. Nose starts grumbling at Brenda and Thomas, asking them, "Get it?" (32.5).
  • Er, no. We don't get it, Mister Scary Nose Dude.
  • Okay, so enough of the funny business. Brenda chucks a can of food at the Crank's face; then she takes off running with Thomas. The Crank starts running after them, asking for their noses, while more Cranks follow. Ruh roh, Scooby.
  • Fortunately, Brenda knows a super secret hiding place she used to use.
  • Brenda and Thomas crawl under a table and through a small crawl space, where they hide from the scary Cranks.
  • The Cranks enter the room, but they can't find Thomas and Brenda.
  • The Cranks leave, spouting phrases of gibberish and such, and all falls silent.
  • After a few minutes, Brenda whispers to Thomas that she thinks they're safe.
  • Wrong move: Mr. Nose was hiding the whole time. "Hello noses!" he screams, as he grabs Thomas by the shirt (32.61).