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The Scorch Trials Chapter 33

By James Dashner

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Chapter 33

  • Mr. Nose (we hope you like our nickname) starts banging Thomas against the walls—ouch—and Brenda decides it's all or nothing. She slices Nose's arm off with her knife, barely missing Thomas's own arm.
  • Brenda and Thomas exit the hiding place. The Crank gets up with tremendous strength and kicks Brenda into Thomas, which causes her knife to fly.
  • Brenda then jumps on Mr. Nose, and Thomas retrieves her knife. He's not gonna kill the dude, is he?
  • Brenda screams at Thomas to stab Mr. Nose in the heart, but Thomas hesitates.
  • Like, a lot.
  • But Thomas gives in, and he stabs Mr. Nose right through the heart.
  • Daw, sorry Mr. Nose—but you're dead now, we suppose. Which blows.

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