Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 34

By James Dashner

Chapter 34

  • All righty, then. Mr. Nose is dead, so Thomas and Brenda take off running again.
  • Thomas and Brenda reach an opening (finally), and they're out in the city. It's empty, there are dead bodies lying about, and it smells horrible.
  • Despite Thomas's extreme hate for the city already, he and Brenda decide to sleep there that night.
  • Thomas and Brenda end up finding some abandoned trucks, which provide shelter and a good place to sleep.
  • Before falling asleep, Thomas gets all caught up in the fact that he killed Mr. Nose.
  • Brenda is understanding, and then she drops a bomb about how WICKED killed her dad. WICKED was trying to take her away, so her dad went at them. They shot him.
  • Brenda's mother? Brenda just says her mother hadn't been around for too long, and Thomas decides not to ask anymore about it. Good choice.
  • Finally, Thomas and Brenda sleep.