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The Scorch Trials Chapter 35

By James Dashner

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Chapter 35

  • Thomas wakes up from a nightmare, which isn't very shocking.
  • Thomas and Brenda talk more, and Brenda fills him in about the outside world.
  • Most of the countries unified once the Flare broke out, and they combined forces to fight it.
  • Brenda thinks they're in Mexico, judging by the Spanish labels on the food cans.
  • Brenda then talks about the Bliss, which is a numbing agent to ease the Flare. It helps you feel immune to the effects of the Flare, but it doesn't stop the Flare itself. The Flare ends up winning, no matter what.
  • Thomas falls asleep again. This dude is always so tired.
  • Thomas dreams about when he was about fourteen. Again, he's with Teresa.
  • Thomas and Teresa are eavesdropping on a conversation between a man and a woman, most likely from WICKED.
  • The man and woman talk about the Maze Trials, and how they liked the added end of it—our guess is that they liked Chuck's death. They also like the betrayal, if it needs to happen.
  • Remember: Teresa was labeled "The Betrayer." So, yeah—that still might not have happened yet.
  • The dream ends with Teresa and Thomas talking about how they'll never see the end of the Scorch Trials.
  • Thomas wakes up—just as confused as we are—and takes a stroll outside.
  • Thomas sees something on the wall of the alley; a large metal plaque. It's a sign that looks a lot like a sign he saw in the Maze.
  • It reads: "Thomas, You're The Real Leader" (35.53).
  • Court dismissed, bring in the dancing lobsters.

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