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The Scorch Trials Chapter 36

By James Dashner

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Chapter 36

  • While Thomas is staring at the sign in amazement, Brenda comes over and breaks the news to him: these signs are everywhere, and they've been there for a while.
  • So when Jorge found out Thomas's name, he knew he should spare the kids.
  • Brenda asks Thomas what's going on with him, so he tells her everything.
  • And even though Thomas leaves out the parts about him and Teresa kissing and such, Brenda can sense that he and Teresa had a thing.
  • Then Brenda calls Thomas "Tom," which is a bad move, because that's Teresa's way of addressing him.
  • After some awkward silence, Thomas and Brenda hear noises. Pop quiz: what's Thomas gonna do next?
  • If you answered Run toward the noise, you are correct.
  • Thomas hears music and people singing and dancing. Hmm, strange. It's Probably Cranks, but maybe not full-blown Cranks.
  • Then three Cranks show up behind Thomas and Brenda. Great.
  • The Cranks ask Brenda and Thomas to join their party, which has lots of dancing, lovin', and booze.
  • Err, thanks, but no thanks.
  • After Brenda and Thomas try to get out of the party invitation, one of the Cranks—a blond-haired one—pulls out a gun.
  • Whoa, really? A gun?
  • The Tall and Ugly one has a knife, and the Ponytailed woman has a screwdriver.
  • As you can see, Thomas has already named the Cranks. We've got Tall and Ugly and Ponytail, and the blond one with the gun is Blondie.
  • So Thomas and Brenda reluctantly accept the party invitation.
  • When a Crank with long hair opens the door, he says, "Hey, Thomas. We've been waiting for you" (36.75).
  • Aaaand things just got even weirder.

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