Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 37

By James Dashner

Chapter 37

  • Inside the party, Long Hair tells Thomas and Brenda that a bunch of Cranks saw Thomas's reaction to the sign, so they figured he was indeed the famous Thomas.
  • The people in the party seem supportive of Thomas—they tell him they'll protect him—but the three other Cranks still don't look too happy.
  • Thomas is starting to think that Brenda led him there on purpose. Hmm.
  • Thomas and Brenda are then told to dance, so they dance. Which is awkward for Thomas, because he can't stop thinking about Teresa.
  • Then Thomas and Brenda are offered drinks by Long Hair.
  • Whoa, whoa, that's a red flag.
  • Thomas politely refuses, but then Long Hair gets seriously angry. Oh, boy.
  • Blondie orders Thomas; if not, he'll shoot him.
  • Thomas and Brenda drink, and not so surprisingly, they start to drift off. Those drinks were totally drugged.
  • Right before they pass out, Brenda asks Thomas to kiss her—which he refuses to do, because she's not "her," meaning Teresa.
  • Then Thomas passes out.