Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 38

By James Dashner

Chapter 38

  • When he wakes up, Thomas is tied down to a wooden chair. Blondie, Tall and Ugly, and Ponytail are the culprits.
  • Brenda's also tied down on the other side of the room.
  • The three Cranks start interrogating Thomas, and he figures, Hey, why not tell them the truth? It's not like I did anything wrong.
  • So Thomas tells the Cranks about how he was brought to the Scorch. But the Cranks are sort of confused, because they were all brought there by something called a Berg.
  • Also, the Cranks freak out at the whole Flat Trans thing, which stands for Flat Transportation. Apparently these could only be afforded by billionaires—which makes sense, because WICKED was behind everything.
  • Anyway, Thomas tells the Cranks about everything. Like, everything.
  • Blondie believes Thomas. He tells Thomas he used to be a lawyer, so he can tell when people are lying.
  • Psh, brag more.
  • Then a commotion breaks out above, and the three Cranks go to investigate.
  • At this point, Thomas thinks about his chances against the Cranks, and he actually thinks about "Mr. Nose."
  • See, Shmoop can predict the future.
  • A lot of smashing and thudding is heard; then someone comes downstairs.
  • Minho to the rescue.