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The Scorch Trials Chapter 40

By James Dashner

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Chapter 40

  • So Minho punches the crap out of the Blondie dude, and Thomas is in excruciating pain. Pure pandemonium.
  • All Thomas wants to do is pass out, and that's what he does.
  • Then Thomas wakes up.
  • Then Thomas passes out.
  • Then Thomas wakes up again—this time with people holding his arms and legs. Oh, and he can smell fire.
  • Then Thomas feels a burning pain, and he passes out.
  • Then Thomas wakes up. Ughh, make it stop.
  • Brenda is holding Thomas's hand. Woo.
  • Thomas hears the word, infection, then passes out. AGAIN.
  • This time, when Thomas wakes up, he stays awake. Everyone is scrambling around looking at the sky, and he hears someone say the word Berg.
  • The sky isn't stormy, so Thomas is confused about why people are looking at it.
  • Brenda tells Thomas she's sorry for something. Then Thomas sees two people dressed in one-piece baggy outfits coming toward him.
  • They have gas masks on, and they grab Thomas. As he's being taken away, he can see the word WICKED on the chest of one of the people taking him away.
  • You could say this has been a bad day for Thomas.

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