Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 41

By James Dashner

Chapter 41

  • Okay, so when Thomas wakes up this time, he just hears whispers and sees a blinding light. He's in a hospital.
  • Thomas hears a man and a woman complaining about how a working gun got into the city. They then decide to "just get on with it" (41.10).
  • And Thomas passes out "for the umpteenth time" (41.12). We didn't make that up.
  • When Thomas wakes up, he feels no pain. Woohoo. Then he dozes off. Aww.
  • Thomas wakes up, and he hears the man and woman talking again.
  • The woman says that the procedure they're doing might actually be a help to Thomas—and that him hearing them talk is probably a good thing. That way, Thomas knows WICKED will jump in if need be.
  • Oh, and it turns out that there are only about four or five Candidates that are viable for whatever WICKED's plan is. Hmm.
  • And then the drugs take over.