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The Scorch Trials Chapter 42

By James Dashner

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Chapter 42

  • Finally, finally, Thomas wakes up. He's hanging in the air by a rope, being lowered down to the ground.
  • And Thomas is now back with the Gladers and with Brenda and Jorge. He's wearing fresh clothes, too.
  • When everyone's done shooting questions at Thomas—give the kid a break, right?—they all go to a hut that's nearby, and he begins his story.
  • Thomas tells about everything he heard and saw.
  • Minho's all like, Honestly dude, you can be the leader. I'm just happy you're alive.
  • Gotta love that Minho.
  • Everyone pretty much thinks that Thomas is the chosen one at this point, but they decide together that they'll sleep first and then head out to the mountains the next day. It's all they can do at this point.
  • When Thomas wakes up (how many times do we have to say this?), he hears a voice—in his head. It's Teresa.
  • Teresa speaks quickly and tells Thomas not to respond—though he wouldn't have, anyway, since he's so flabbergasted at what's going on.
  • Teresa tells Thomas that something terrible is going to happen to him the next day—and that he's going to be super hurt and super scared. But he needs to trust her, she says. No matter what he sees or hears or whatever, he needs to trust her.
  • Then Teresa fades out… then she fades in… and then says Thomas won't hear from her for a while. Well, until they get back together, in fact.
  • Ooh ooh, there's gonna be a reunion—that's so exciting.
  • But that bad thing that's gonna happen. Yeah, not too pumped about that.

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