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The Scorch Trials Chapter 43

By James Dashner

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Chapter 43

  • The next evening, Newt wakes Thomas up, and they talk about WICKED. Thomas tells Newt that he thinks WICKED must be evil, even though they saved his life.
  • Brenda wakes up, and Newt makes a jab at Thomas, asking if she's his new girlfriend.
  • When nightfall comes, the kids begin to make their march to the mountains. Newt points out that WICKED broke their own rules.
  • How'd they break their own rules? Well, they said there were no rules, so by saving Thomas, that was sort of breaking the no-rule-rule.
  • We know—it's confusing.
  • Anyway, the kids make their way to the mountains, and Thomas apologizes to Brenda for being mean earlier. It's sort of awkward, but Brenda cracks a joke, and all of the tension seems to fade away.
  • About 100 feet from the mountains, a girl suddenly appears. Err, any guesses?
  • Oh, yeah—it's Teresa.

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