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The Scorch Trials Chapter 44

By James Dashner

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Chapter 44

  • So Teresa's finally here, and beside her are a bunch of girls. There are probably about 20 girls in all—and they all have weapons.
  • Seeing that Aris is having a silent nutty to himself, Thomas figures it's Group B.
  • Group B and Teresa make a circle around the boys, and Teresa walks up to Thomas. Ooh, reunion time.
  • Instead of hugging and kissing and whatnot, Teresa gives Thomas a good old smash in the right cheek with her spear.
  • Ouchie.
  • Then Teresa asks Thomas for his name. What's going on here?
  • When Thomas doesn't really answer, Teresa hits him again, harder.
  • At this point, we can tell things aren't really going as planned for Group A. Teresa orders them to give Thomas to Group B. If they don't, the girls will start shooting the boys with arrows.
  • The boys, by the way, are really outnumbered at this point.
  • Thomas doesn't want to risk anything, so he gives himself up to the girls. Unfortunately, Minho and his loud mouth can't help but yelling at Teresa—and this is rewarded with yet another crack to the skull for Thomas.
  • Then, to make matters worse, the girls put a bag over Thomas. Darkness, again.
  • A dark-skinned girl approaches Thomas with what seems to be pity, and she tells him not to resist. It's better just to let the girls kill him.
  • You know. No big deal.

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