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The Scorch Trials Chapter 45

By James Dashner

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Chapter 45

  • Instead of carrying Thomas, the girls drag him. Wow.
  • Along the way, Teresa whispers to Thomas that they're blocking her from talking to him telepathically, but he should still trust her.
  • As you can imagine, Thomas is confused out of his mind. He half trusts and half hates Teresa at this moment.
  • By the way, the whole dragging thing going on? It hurts.
  • Group B eventually makes it far enough so that Group A can't see them anymore, and the mountain starts its incline. Luckily for Thomas, the girls are forced to carry him.
  • Thomas asks the girl if he can just walk. Yeah, good one.
  • It takes about an hour to get up the mountain, and Thomas starts going with Plan B: start talking really loudly—which he's great at.
  • Thomas tells Group B just to kill him and get on with it, but they don't—which means that something strange is going on. Something's not right.
  • The girls are all like, Let's just get some sleep. Teresa reassures them that they'll kill Thomas the way they were told to. This will be repayment for what Thomas did to her.
  • There are two points we should take from this: one, these girls following orders (most likely from WICKED); and two, Thomas apparently did something to Teresa.

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