Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 46

By James Dashner

Chapter 46

  • The captors and the captive reach Group B's camp at the top of the mountain.
  • Thomas learns that the dark-skinned girl is Harriet, and a reddish-blonde girl is Sonya.
  • These girls act like they're next in line to Teresa.
  • Teresa then orders the girls to tie Thomas to a tree. Ouch, she's pretty harsh.
  • At this point, Thomas absolutely hates Teresa. He's totally not into this. But at least he's fed. That's sort of a plus.
  • Harriet and Sonya keep looking at Thomas throughout the night, so he finally speaks up and asks them if they really want to kill him.
  • Harriet's all like, Yeah, we do, nanna nanna boo-boo—and she sticks out her tongue at him.
  • Then Sonya clarifies: if they don't kill Thomas, WICKED won't let them get to the safe haven.
  • Remember, people—Thomas's tattoo did say he was to be killed by Group B. And Teresa's label said she was The Betrayer.
  • Just a friendly reminder.
  • Back to Thomas and the girls. Teresa comes back and tells the girls to shut up.
  • Thomas asks Teresa what he did to her, and she's all like, You know what you did.
  • Uh, no. Thomas has no idea.
  • Teresa walks away, and Thomas decides that he needs to sleep, and he needs to stay alive. Woo, at least he isn't giving up.