Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 47

By James Dashner

Chapter 47

  • Time for a Thomas-dream. He's fifteen, and he and Teresa are staring at a massive bank of screens.
  • Teresa says, "I can't believe they're all dead" (47.4). Hmm, a promising statement.
  • Teresa's referring to the original Creators. Apparently, they all died.
  • Thomas then says, "All that matters now are the patterns. The killzone. Nothing else" (47.14).
  • Okay, so those things are clearly really important, but Thomas still has no idea what they are. Then he wakes up.
  • When Thomas wakes up, Harriet and Sonya are staring at him, and they tell him they want to know what he knows.
  • Thomas figures now is a time to possibly get out of this sticky situation, especially since Teresa has gone to scout the area.
  • Thomas promises he'll tell Harriet and Sonya everything—because why not?—as long as the girls tell him everything they know, too.
  • The girls are skeptical about Teresa, so Thomas thinks he might be able to join forces with them. Or at least convince them not to kill him.
  • The girls agree and then go over to fetch the rest of the girls. Story time.