Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 48

By James Dashner

Chapter 48

  • It turns out that the girls don't know much about WICKED, so Thomas feels like he has some kind of upper hand.
  • Thomas tells the girls that he thinks the objective of them killing him is just another Variable.He also suggests that WICKED is testing their ability to think rationally.
  • Or, Harriet says, mayble the girls are being tested to see if they have the guts to kill Thomas. Hmm.
  • Anyway, the girls disperse, and Harriet decides to talk it over with Teresa—much to Thomas's dismay, as Teresa scares him to death now.
  • Thomas sees Teresa and Harriet get into some kind of heated debate, after which Teresa storms off.
  • Harriet cuts Thomas free and tells him that the girls all think he's right about the Variable.
  • But Teresa is seriously mad at Thomas. She wants him dead.