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The Scorch Trials Chapter 49

By James Dashner

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Chapter 49

  • The girls treat Thomas pretty well, and they make their way toward what they think is the safe haven.
  • Along the way, Thomas gets the girls to tell him their side of the story. They say they've been traveling through underground tunnels the whole time.
  • Oh, and the whole thing with Teresa kissing Thomas in the shed? It was planned—something to make Thomas trust her.
  • Ever since Teresa joined the girls, she's made Thomas out to be a complete monster. Everything they've done—putting him in the bag, carrying him to the camp, and so on, has been planned. The girls were also supposed to take him to a special place to kill him—but that obviously fell through.
  • On the second night of traveling, Thomas and the girls reach the end of the Pass and come up to a valley. It's flat, and there's absolutely nothing in front of them. There's no sign of a safe haven.
  • Oh, well. The girls figure they should keep moving.
  • All of a sudden, Thomas hears a voice. Any guesses?
  • Yeah, it's Teresa. She tells Thomas that the act is over and that he needs to follow her.
  • All of Thomas's instincts are shouting Don't! And all of us are shouting Don't! But he follows, because he's Thomas, and that's what he does.

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