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The Scorch Trials Chapter 5

By James Dashner

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Chapter 5

  • Thomas can tell this Aris kid isn't lying.
  • Minho walks into the room amazed at seeing a new boy, so Thomas gives them the old, "Minho, meet Aris... Aris, meet Minho" (5.9).
  • Teresa's still gone, so Thomas quickly tells everyone to search for her in another room. But there aren't any other rooms; Minho checked.
  • Everything is locked from the inside, which is strange.
  • Thomas has a sinking feeling that Teresa is one of the dead bodies—but he checks, and she isn't.
  • The boys interrogate Aris to figure out his situation.
  • Apparently, Aris was in the Maze, but he was the only boy with a bunch of girls.
  • Hmm, so he was the male equivalent of Teresa.
  • Just as Aris continues his story, Newt finishes his story for him. Newt's all like, Wait, were you the last one to get there? And did you get there in a coma? And did you have a note that said you were the last one?
  • Remember, Newt has educated guesses because what he describes is that's exactly what happened to Teresa.
  • Aris is flabbergasted, and Minho shouts out that WICKED must have built two mazes with two different tests. So Aris must have been part of Group B.
  • Oh, and one last thing: Aris can speak telepathically, just like Thomas.
  • So Thomas and Aris bond for a few seconds telepathically, and Thomas learns that WICKED killed Aris's best friend, Rachel.
  • Sounds a lot like how WICKED killed Chuck.

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