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The Scorch Trials Chapter 50

By James Dashner

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Chapter 50

  • Teresa asks: "You've met Aris, right?" (50.3).
  • Apparently, Teresa knows Aris really well—so well that she's been in contact with him before the Maze. They can speak telepathically together. They also communicated while they were in the Glade.
  • Now, Teresa and Aris are going to do what they were told to do.
  • Oh, and Aris is behind Thomas with a huge knife at the moment.
  • "Hi, Tommy," says Aris (50.16).
  • Okay, wow. Huge bombshells just dropped from Teresa. Thomas is absolutely crushed. He's so confused at this point that he just stays quiet.
  • The three reach a cave. Teresa stops to kiss Aris and gets all lovey-dovey with him.
  • Now, that's a dagger to Thomas' heart.
  • At the back of the cave is a pale green door that's glowing. That seems to be the place Teresa is looking for.
  • Teresa tells Thomas she's truly sorry she hurt him, if that helps.
  • Nah, that doesn't help.
  • The three go to the door, and Thomas just wants this nightmare to end.

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