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The Scorch Trials Chapter 51

By James Dashner

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Chapter 51

  • Teresa starts punching in a code on some keypad, and the door opens, with white mist coming from the opening.
  • The door moves aside, and inside there's just darkness. Great, more darkness.
  • Teresa grabs a flashlight from her bag and walks in with Thomas and Aris.
  • Thomas is still not happy, as you can imagine. But he's still got a bit of fight left in him.
  • Up ahead there's a room. It's the room Teresa and Aris are supposed to take Thomas to.
  • Right as they start ushering him into the room, Thomas asks Aris what Rachel looked like when she died.
  • Remember, Rachel was the girl Aris became best friends with back in the Maze.
  • Aris is shocked, which gives Thomas the split second he needs to smack the knife out of Aris's hand.
  • Time for some action.
  • Thomas punches Aris in the stomach, then scrambles towards the knife.
  • Teresa has that huge spear, though. She clobbers Thomas in the head with it. Then she smacks him again, and he's pretty much crippled at this point with a major concussion.
  • Aris jumps on Thomas, and he and Teresa carry Thomas into the room.
  • Then, when the door is closed, Teresa speaks to Thomas telepathically, saying she's sorry. Oh, and she thanks him for being their sacrifice.

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