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The Scorch Trials Chapter 54

By James Dashner

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Chapter 54

  • Thomas wakes up. That's right, he's still alive.
  • Not only is Thomas alive, but he also feels great. His concussion is gone, and nothing hurts anymore.
  • But Thomas is still in that little room.
  • The door opens, and in comes Teresa, crying and hugging him, telling him she's sorry. Like, really sorry. But Thomas feels nothing for her; he feels betrayed and still can't trust anything she says or does.
  • Teresa claims it was all an act and that they needed to do what they did.
  • Meanwhile, Aris is like, Can we tell him on the way to the safe haven? We have five hours.
  • Teresa, Aris, and Thomas start to make their way across the wasteland, though Thomas just wants to stay back and give up. He doesn't trust Teresa and Aris, and he's too hurt to have any kind of hope.
  • Teresa reassures Thomas that Group B and Group A are making their way across the wasteland, too, and that they're all alive and well.
  • Teresa also decides that they need to run to catch up. Eventually, the three come to a hill, where Thomas can see Group B ahead of Group A below in the desert.
  • Also, it's cloudy. Let's hope another storm doesn't hit.
  • Teresa decides that now is a good time to tell Thomas her side of the story. She starts talking about how people with baggy jumpsuits and goggles came to her while she was in her secluded room.
  • These are the same people who took Thomas away from his group to heal him from his gunshot wound—WICKED.
  • Thomas decides to interrupt Teresa's story by speaking to her telepathically. He asks her if she and Aris really talked while in the Maze.
  • It turns out that Teresa and Aris had been talking while they were in their comas.

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