Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 55

By James Dashner

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Chapter 55

  • Aris looks at Thomas and Teresa and is all like, Are you guys talking in your heads right now?
  • Thomas still feels weird about Aris, but it seemed like they were on the same side in his dream.
  • Teresa decides to tell the rest of her story to everyone. The people who showed up in her room put something in her mouth that made her pass out. When she woke up, people told her the whole plan of what she and Aris had to do by speaking in their minds.
  • Two important things stuck out to Teresa: one, these people would kill Thomas if she strayed from the plan; and two, they needed her to make Thomas feel betrayed.
  • Oh, Thomas feels betrayed. He feels really betrayed.
  • That's about it, though. Teresa still doesn't know how it all fits together.
  • Then Teresa tells Aris to turn around so she can kiss Thomas. Thomas kisses back but feels nothing.

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