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The Scorch Trials Chapter 56

By James Dashner

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Chapter 56

  • Thunder rumbles in the sky, giving Thomas an excuse to pull away from Teresa. All feelings for her are gone at this point.
  • Dirt starts to fly up at the kids, too, as the wind picks up heavily. The three can see both groups ahead of them, so they decide to run and catch up.
  • On the way, Thomas and Teresa speak telepathically.
  • Thomas tells Teresa all about his memory lapses and how he can't piece everything together. Teresa can't, either.
  • Eventually, the three see that Group B has stopped and that Group A had caught up to them. But they're all standing around in a circle, not fighting or anything.
  • When Teresa, Aris, and Thomas reach the groups, Minho tells Thomas that Harriet explained everything to them. So it seems like they're on good terms.
  • Thomas tells everyone that Teresa and Aris are on their sideā€”even though he still doesn't really believe it.
  • Minho then shows Thomas what they're all standing around: it's a stick with an orange ribbon that says "The Safe Haven."
  • Cue cliffhanger mode.

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