Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 57

By James Dashner

Chapter 57

  • So there's about an hour left of the two-week time limit the Gladers were given. The sky is ominous, the wind is strong, and something doesn't seem right. The safe haven is just a stick?
  • While they wait for whatever happens, Teresa and Brenda are awkwardly introduced.
  • While Thomas has somewhat forgiven Teresa, Minho is vehemently against her. He's never going to trust her again, he says.
  • It turns out Minho and the Gladers had to fight a few Cranks on their way, but they all made it through safely.
  • All of a sudden, a large section of the desert opens up, and several coffin-like containers appear. These look like the same containers the Gladers saw in the Maze, where they figured the Grievers slept.
  • There are dozens of them, just floating in the sky surrounding everyone.