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The Scorch Trials Chapter 6

By James Dashner

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Chapter 6

  • At this point, everyone can figure out that the Thomas and Aris are speaking in their heads because they're looking at each other with strange googly-eyes.
  • Aris tells the kids that WICKED made some girl named Beth stab his best friend, Rachel.
  • So Beth was the female equivalent of Gally, while Rachel was the female equivalent of... oh, boy—sounds like she was supposed to be the equivalent to Thomas.
  • Remember, Rachel is to Aris as Thomas is to Teresa. Therefore, Thomas should be dead.
  • Then Aris calls everyone sticks. Looks like Group B made up a vocabulary, too, just as Group A did. Group A calls everyone shanks.
  • A random Glader points out a black splotch on Aris's neck. Everyone stand back.
  • It's a tattoo. It says: "Property of WICKED. Group B, Subject B1. The Partner" (6.27).
  • Everyone's pretty amazed at this, and soon they realize that they all have tattoos.
  • Minho's says "The Leader," and Newt's says "The Glue." Most of the random kids don't have labels, though—just markers like A2, A3, A4, and so on.
  • Then Thomas asks Newt what his says, and Newt looks a bit scared to tell him.
  • After a bit of hesitation, Newt gives in. Thomas's says "To be killed by Group B" (6.62).

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