Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 60

By James Dashner

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Chapter 60

  • The monster Thomas had been fighting is dead, and so is Teresa's. The two decide to jump into one of the coffins to avoid the lightning bolts.
  • Thomas and Teresa jump in, and everything seems okay. Jorge and Brenda then run over and jump in as well.
  • Five minutes until the time is up.
  • A lightning bolt strikes the coffin and leaves a hole on the top. Rain seeps in.
  • Three minutes left.
  • Everyone's shouting and wondering what they should do.
  • Two minutes left.
  • The kids hear a humming sound outside, and it sounds artificial.
  • Thirty seconds left.
  • Thomas makes a quick decision and orders everyone to pop the lid off of the coffin. They all agree, as they all feel the coffin probably isn't the right idea.
  • When the kids pop the lid off, they see a Berg—the same kind of thing that picked up Thomas after he got shot.

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