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The Scorch Trials Chapter 61

By James Dashner

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Chapter 61

  • Want more action? Well, it's coming right at ya.
  • All of the Gladers scramble toward the Berg.
  • Minho, Newt, and a few other Gladers, including Harriet and a few Group B girls, join the charge to the Berg.
  • Right before the kids reach the Berg, more monsters step in their way.
  • The Gladers all go Rambo on the monsters and defeat them pretty quickly.
  • Just as the Berg starts to elevate, a few kids jump on; then Thomas and Teresa grab on.
  • Minho, Harriet, and Newt help a girl on, too.
  • Phew, our heroes are all making it.
  • Thomas and Teresa even help Brenda on, with a little help from Jorge.
  • But just as the kids start to feel a little safer, a man with short red hair points a pistol at Brenda, asking who she and Jorge are.
  • The man then tells Thomas that he can save either Brenda or Jorge but not both; Thomas has to choose one person, or they will both die.
  • Since this is a pretty odd ultimatum, Thomas bravely points at Brenda and tells the man to kill her. He thinks that by choosing Brenda, the man might kill Jorge instead—you know, reverse psychology.
  • Anyway, the man starts to take Brenda away. Ruh roh.

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