Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 65

By James Dashner

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Chapter 65

  • When Thomas wakes up, he's alone in a room.
  • The room is a lot like one of those rooms you'd find in an asylum where they put people with straitjackets.
  • Thomas tries to reach out to Teresa telepathically. Nothing.
  • Aris: nothing.
  • Brenda: nothing.
  • Then Thomas falls asleep again.
  • When Thomas wakes up, Teresa is screaming at him telepathically.
  • Teresa tells Thomas everyone's been put into another dormitory, and the Berg has landed. It's been a week since they last saw him.
  • Teresa and the others were told that Thomas was too sick from the Flare and that he was taken away for medical attention.
  • Thomas is flustered beyond belief now. He can't stand the confusion anymore.
  • Finally, he tells Teresa one last thing: he tells her to stop talking to him.
  • Teresa is hurt, but she says okay. Still, she leaves him with one last thing: "WICKED is good" (65.39).

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