Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Chapter 7

By James Dashner

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Chapter 7

  • Instead of dwelling on the whole Thomas is supposed to get killed thing, the boys are all distracted by a loud alarm going off. It's the same one that used to alert them that a Newbie would be joining them in the Glade.
  • The kids run around and try to shut it off, but their room is locked. Ugh, again with the locked doors.
  • Then, suddenly, the alarm stops. Huzzah.
  • After the kids regain their senses, they realize that their door has swung open and someone turned off the lights again.
  • Whoever these people are, they're really manipulative.
  • Minho decides he'll search for the light switch; after all, he is the leader.
  • Minho finds the light switch, but when the lights come on, the boys realize the dead bodies are all gone. Oh, and the smell is gone, too.
  • What. Is. Going. On.

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