Study Guide

The Scorch Trials Epilogue

By James Dashner

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  • Just as in Book One, the epilogue is structured as a memorandum filed by Ava Paige, the Chancellor of WICKED.
  • This Memorandum's subject is: "SCORCH TRIALS, Groups A and B" (E.1).
  • In the report, Ava says that a ton of progress has been made, though not everything went ideally. She expresses a hopeful confidence in the subjects and believes that once everyone's memories have been restored, the subjects will be ready for their tasks.
  • Ava says that the future of the human race is what really matters and that every death and sacrifice is worth the ultimate outcome.
  • The Psychs are also deliberating, and when the time's right, they will remove the Swipe and tell the remaining subjects if they're immune or not immune to the Flare.
  • So, yeah, it seems like WICKED's plan is still going okay, but we'll just have to find out in the next book, won't we?

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