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The Scorch Trials Fear

By James Dashner

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Just as in The Maze Runner, the Gladers in The Scorch Trials spend most of their time scared out of their minds. Not only do the kids fear the consequences of dealing with WICKED and being attacked by crazy creatures and Cranks, but they're also forced to face the fear of death. They witness it all the time, so it's pretty hard for any of them to forget about it. In some cases, fear can be helpful, but it sure isn't fun to be running around scared all of the time.

Questions About Fear

  1. What do you think the Gladers fear more: the Maze or the Scorch?
  2. Are the Cranks more frightening than Grievers?
  3. Is fear an asset or a deficiency for the Gladers?
  4. What is Thomas's biggest fear in the Trials?

Chew on This

Fear fuels the Gladers, making them stronger as they make their way through each Variable.

Fear of the Flare's effect is worse than the actual effect it starts to have on the kids.

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