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The Scorch Trials Friendship

By James Dashner

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Camaraderie, unity, bromance—we see it all in The Scorch Trials. We really can't function without our friends; for the Gladers, though, friendship is a matter of life and death.

As the situations in the novel get direr and direr, the power of friendship starts to show itself in people like Thomas and Minho. Thomas can't bear to be separated from the rest of the Gladers; his connection to them has simply become so strong that it hurts not to have a friend by his side. Thomas enters the Maze lonely and friendless, but he emerges from The Scorch Trials with a bond to the Gladers that even WICKED can't break.

Well, at least we think WICKED can't break it.

Questions About Friendship

  1. Are the Gladers all true friends, or do they still have a bit of distrust for one another?
  2. Does Thomas "friend-zone" Brenda?
  3. Who is Thomas's best friend in the book: Teresa, Minho, or someone else?
  4. Does the absence of the Gladers have more of a negative impact on Thomas than his fear of not making it to the safe haven does?

Chew on This

Newt and Minho are Thomas's true friends, and are the only ones he can trust.

The bonds the Gladers create are one of WICKED's Variables.

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