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The Scorch Trials Suffering

By James Dashner

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The kids in The Scorch Trials have seen and been through more than most of us can ever imagine. Their lives, at this point, are pretty much defined by suffering.

The most striking aspect of the kids' suffering is the mental damage that's being done to them—the negative psychological effects that are bound to arise in the traumatic situations they're regularly placed in. Plus, WICKED is so manipulative that on top of all the violence they have to endure, the kids all suffer trust issues and even identity issues. PTSD, anyone? That's a serious issue, and these kids can't possibly not have it after dealing with such nightmarish situations.

Questions About Suffering

  1. What's worse for the Gladers, the mental suffering or the physical suffering?
  2. Does Thomas suffer more than the other Gladers?
  3. Is the suffering of the kids all part of WICKED's plan?

Chew on This

Thomas suffers more than the other kids because he's put through more psychological stress.

The suffering inflicted on the kids is all part of the plan to toughen them.

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