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The Scorch Trials Time

By James Dashner

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In The Scorch Trials, the Gladers are given just two weeks to trek 100 miles through deadly lightning storms, deal with crazy Cranks, and outwit a rival group. That's, um, not a very generous amount of time.

Because they've had their memories wiped clean and have been placed in crazy Trials, the Gladers easily lose sense of time, which causes them to feel physically and mentally exhausted. These kids are constantly racing against the clock—no, really, they're literally running against time throughout the book. These kids deserve a break, but according to WICKED, time is running is out.

Questions About Time

  1. Does the time limit for The Scorch Trials really matter?
  2. Is it Thomas's sense of time that makes him fall asleep so often?
  3. If the Gladers were given more time, do you think they would have been more careful?

Chew on This

The two-week time limit that WICKED gives the Gladers is simply to test their ability to follow directions.

If there hadn't been a time limit, the Gladers would have all stalled, and the Flare would have taken over.

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