Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

By Maggie Stiefvater

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

The truth is, until you know any different, the island is enough. (1.7)

While a lot of people Puck's age might dream of getting away from their hometown, Puck's dream is to stay put on the land she knows and loves. It's kind of like if Harry Potter wanted to stay in the cupboard under the stairs, except his cupboard likely smells better.

I don't actually want the Malvern stables. [...] What I want is this: a roof over my head that is my own [...] and most of all, I want Corr. (11.17)

This might come as a shock to Mr. Malvern because he seems to be grooming Sean (grooming, in a horse stable, get it?) to be his successor. Sean's a lot more reliable than his own son.

I dream of a day when I can turn my back on Mutt Malvern and keep walking. (11.19)

We wonder if Sean would want to stay on at Malvern's stables were it not for Mutt. With Mutt dead at the end of the book, and Puck also working at the stables, do you think Sean will stay?

A tiny, tiny part of me [...] must've been daydreaming of that possibility. Beating the horses that had killed my parents on a pony that I'd grown up on. (12.32)

Puck's main dream when it comes to the races is to earn enough money to save her house. But there's a small part of her that wants the glory that comes with it too, along a tiny bit of revenge as well.

"A roof over my head and reins in my hand and the sand beneath me." (22.45)

Is Sean's dream exclusive to Thisby? It seems like Sean could have this in America with George Holly, if Holly lived near a coast, that is.

"I'd never leave [Thisby.] It's—it's like my heart, or something." (23.73)

Some people, like Puck, view the place they grew up in as their heart. Others, like Gabe, can't wait for a heart transplant. Does Puck have a narrow view of the world, or is she simply able to focus on the positives?

"Has [your wish] brought you happiness?" (30.18)

What do you think Sean's wish was? He never tells us, but he does say that he's been happy enough. We doubt he wished for a million dollars, or to be an astronaut.

"Why do you [stay]?"

"The sky and the sand and the sea and Corr." (33.35-33.36)

Sean's dreams might have been different if he had a family to take care of, like Puck does. But with his dad dead and his mother non-existent, he only has to worry about himself.

"No point seeking the grail if it looks like your teacup." (40.16)

Peg Gratton seems to think a woman's dream is to be pursued by a man. Wrong book, Peg. Puck's dream is to save her home and become independent. Sean is just a nice side dish, not the main course.

"Not everyone wants to leave, Gabe. This is where I want to be. If I could have Dove and my space and a sack of beans, I'd call that enough." [...]

"And that's worth dying for?"

"Yeah, I think it is." (57.13-57.15)

Puck's goals may seem small to some, but she takes them seriously. Do you have something that you'd die for?

"I'll come back next year and you'll have a nest of horses outside your window and Puck Connolly in your bed and I'll buy from you instead of Malvern. That's your future for you." (58.29)

Sounds like George Holly has his own dreams for Sean's future. We're not sure if Sean feels the same way or not—it seems like he'll always care for horses more than people.

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