Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Chapter 10

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 10


  • In the town of Skarmouth, Puck goes to Gratton's butcher shop to sign up for the races.
  • It's boiling over with people—jockeys signing up for the races, people placing bets.
  • Peg—Mrs. Gratton if you're nasty—tries to talk Puck out of it, but Puck isn't having it.
  • She signs her name and even puts her horse down as Dove. "There's nothing to say that [she] can't enter Dove" (10.47), who isn't a water horse.
  • Outside in the fresh air (we imagine anything smells fresh after being in the middle of a bunch of sweaty dudes in a butcher shop) Puck watches Sean Kendrick and Mutt Malvern having a quarrel. 
  • Mutt threatens to tell his dad on Sean, and have Sean fired for letting that horse go. 
  • Sean retorts that Mutt's dad is waiting for Sean to choose a horse for Mutt. He won't get fired; he's pretty much responsible for keeping Mutt alive. "You'll ride what I tell him you'll ride" (10.73).

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