Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Chapter 15

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 15


  • Sean watches Puck train Dove on the beach, and isn't exactly impressed with either.
  • Creepy Gorry and his angry mare sidle up next to Sean while he's watching Puck.
  • Farther down the beach, a man named Jimmy Blackwell isn't just thrown from his horse, but has his fingers chomped clean off. 
  • Man fingers weren't a filling enough meal for his horse, though. It wants ladyfingers, too. Puck's ladyfingers.
  • The horse charges Dove and flings Puck into the water.
  • Before it can sink its teeth into her though, Sean races into the water and shoves a fistful of holly berries into the horse's snout.
  • Those berries aren't holly-jolly… they're poisonous, and the capall uisce dies. 
  • Not wanting to repeat this, Sean tells Puck to "keep [her] pony off this beach" (15.40).

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