Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Chapter 16

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 16


  • After getting back home, Puck's still a little freaked about the attack on the beach.
  • Not because she almost died, but because Dove, her horse, almost died. Good priorities.
  • Puck scarfs down an orange and mopes because she had to be rescued on the very first day.
  • Her pity party is interrupted when Benjamin Malvern, Mutt's dad, shows up at the door.
  • He has Puck serve him a cup of tea, and then he drops a huge bomb on her: Her house hasn't been paid for, and he's going to evict her and her family.
  • She thought Gabe had been paying for it, but sadly, she thought wrong.
  • Puck convinces Malvern to wait three weeks. She can pay for the house after she wins the races.Ā 
  • "I'll be back to collect it when you're dead," (16.70) he says. Cold, bro, real cold. Guess he won't be betting on Puck to win.

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