Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Chapter 34

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 34


  • Now we get to see Puck's perspective as she goes to the cliffs after church.
  • She's there with a pencil and paper, recording the times of the horses racing on the beach to see what kind of competition she has to beat. How she's going to compile this data without a computer spreadsheet, we have no idea.
  • Sean scales the cliff to join her, and says he's watching the horses too.
  • Both Sean and Puck agree that the vicious piebald mare is one to watch out for.
  • They also both wonder why the other stays instead of going to the mainland. Sean stays because he loves "the sky and the sand and the sea and Corr" (34.36) (and the word and) and Puck stays because on the island, "it's less about wanting, and more about being" (34.38).

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