Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Chapter 42

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 42


  • Vendors have set up booths galore to prepare for the races.
  • At Dory Maud's booth, Puck hears that Sean quit working for Malvern. She marches down to where Malvern has set up a tent to find Sean.
  • She finds Corr, who is being tormented by Mutt and pals, but no Sean.
  • He's further away, sulking. While Puck is talking to him, Mutt takes a break from being a jerk to a horse to be a jerk to Sean and Puck.
  • While Mutt is taunting them, his friend Prince asks Mutt if he'll be riding Corr out on the beach.
  • Corr expresses his disapproval for this idea by chomping down into Prince's neck.
  • Puck rushes to Prince's side, panicked because this is how her parents died, while Sean calms Corr.
  • Sean needs Puck to hold Corr while he cuts the ribbons and bells from him, so she lets go of Prince to do so.
  • When she returns, Prince is dead.
  • Sean rides away, and Puck tells him that she'll wash his bloody jacket for him. Bloody Horse Jacket sounds like a good name for a metal band.