Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Chapter 53

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 53


  • Sean wakes up to the sound of a horse crying, so he heads to the stalls.
  • The night before, he put Edana in Corr's stall and someone, thinking she was Corr, cut her leg open. 
  • Sean's pretty sure it was Mutt, and he hears a commotion. 
  • Fearing that Mutt has gotten to Corr, he runs toward the noise.
  • Sure enough, there Mutt is, and he's backed Corr into a corner. A Corr-ner, if you will.
  • Sean pulls out his knife and threatens to cut out Mutt's heart if he hurts Corr.
  • Reasoning with his competitive side, Sean tells Mutt that if he really wants to prove his jerk self to his jerk of a father, he'll win the races.
  • This is enough to get Mutt to back off.
  • He may have won that battle, but there's still a casualty: Mr. Malvern tells Sean to put Edana out of her misery.

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