Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Gender

By Maggie Stiefvater


Horse racing isn't exactly a female-dominated sport. Women jockeys have to work twice as hard and don't get anywhere near half the fame their male counterparts enjoy. At least the ladies trying to make it to the Kentucky Derby don't have to worry about their horse biting their hands off like they do in The Scorpio Races.

Puck has to hide from capaill in a haystack, and almost drowns in the ocean, but her toughest challenge might be overcoming the gender bias of all the other races. The Scorpio Races have been one big sausage party (alternate: male-dominated sport) since their inception, and these men aren't about to let Puck buck tradition. But horses and bucking go hand in hand right?

Questions About Gender

  1. Why do the men not want a woman to participate in the Scorpio Races?
  2. Both male and female horses are allowed in the race. Why do gender biases not apply to the horses?
  3. Is Puck at a disadvantage because of her gender?
  4. Why do you think no woman before Puck has ever attempted to race?

Chew on This

Even the women on the island don't want Puck to participate in the races because the tradition is older than every single living person on the island.

Puck isn't racing to make a statement; she's racing out of necessity. But that doesn't change the impact she's going to make on future generations.

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