Study Guide

The Scorpio Races Tradition and Customs

By Maggie Stiefvater

Tradition and Customs

Horse racing has many charming traditions, especially the Kentucky Derby—put on a goofy hat and drink mint juleps 'til you drop. The Scorpio Races's traditions are a little, um, less charming. Let's just run down a few:

  • a woman wearing a real horse's head (probably straight from an Italian mobster's bed) pretends to be a goddess
  • despite having a goddess, women aren't allowed to participate in the races
  • the rules seem to ensure all sorts of bloody carnage
  • but there is a parade… everyone loves parades, right?

Questions About Tradition and Customs

  • How do you think the tradition of the Scorpio Races originated?
  • Who do you think came up with the rules for the Scorpio Races?
  • How will the tradition change now that Puck, the first female, has not only raced, but won?

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