Study Guide

The Selection Love

By Kiera Cass


Oh, to be a teenager in love. To have the world as your oyster. To have butterflies in your stomach. To be competing with thirty-four other girls for the heart of your country's crown prince.

Wait, what?

As weird as it sounds, this is the exact scenario depicted in The Selection. See, America Singer is chosen to be a part of a royal competition for the prince's hand, but there's just one problem: she has a secret boyfriend. Uh oh. Although America enters the competition with no interest in getting to know her princely suitor, she comes to learn the hard way that the heart wants what the heart wants—and maybe her heart wants itself a prince. But that raises another question. What if the heart doesn't even know what it wants? What then?

Questions About Love

  1. Why does America have feelings for Aspen?
  2. Is America's love for Aspen real? If so, how do you know?
  3. What causes America to start having feelings toward Maxon?
  4. Is the Selection a good system for finding love?

Chew on This

There is no way on Earth that the Selection is an effective system for finding love.

The Selection is a proven system for finding love: it worked for Queen Amberly, and now it's working for America.